Paul lives on the coast in Essex with his wife Alison, his Newfoundland dog and five cats. He combines photography with his full time job as an Internet Services Provider producing and hosting bespoke web sites for a wide range of clients.

From childhood Paul had an interest in photography, borrowing his father's box brownie to play with. It didn't matter that there was no film in it most of the time, the fun was in looking at the world (upside down!) through the view finder and hearing the click of the shutter! Growing up with dogs, from a 'Heinz' (57 varieties!) to German Shepherds and Standard Poodles, Paul has owned a variety of dogs over the years including Afghan Hounds, an American Cocker Spaniel and most recently Newfoundlands a breed which he judges both in the show ring and at water tests.

It was a natural progression to combine his love of dogs with his fascination for photography - understanding and enjoying your subjects is a vital element in producing images which have life and love in them.

Well known for the popular http:/​/​uknewfoundlands.​info web site, Paul is always to be seen at Newfoundland breed club shows and many working events armed with his cameras. His photographs feature extensively on web sites, in club magazines and of course on social media sites. Paul is a one of the team of professional show photographers at 'Our Dogs'.

This site is intended to provide a simple way to order prints and many other products or to quickly and conveniently purchase downloadable high, medium or low resolution images with a copyright release for personal use of the photographs.